One of the huge bottlenecks associated with distributed systems is ensuring the configuration information (database connection details, cache settings, etc.) reaches safely and consistently across all machines in a system. It is in such scenarios that etcd could fit in. etcd from CoreOS is a highly-available key-value store for shared configuration and service discovery.

etcd is inspired from its predecessors Apache ZooKeeper and Doozer. etcd uses Raft consensus algorithm instead of Paxos used in Doozer. (more…)

No doubt videos are more engaging than static content. With millions of Internet users viewing online videos daily, videos have become one of the most popular form of content marketing. So, which is the best online video streaming service that you could use?

I am sure many of us have been posed with this question either by clients or colleagues or friends who wanted to upload and share videos online. To answer it precisely, we always need to understand the exact requirement and the purpose that needs to be served.  While in some cases cost may be the deciding factor, sometimes the extend of customization possible can rule the choice of service. (more…)

We imagined… what if pixels didn’t just have color, but also depth? What if there was a material that could change its texture? This led us to something we call ‘material design’,” says Matias Durate, the Director of Android User Experience at Google.

In the last Google I/O conference, held on June 25-26, 2014, Google announced the guidelines for its new “Material Design” language, to streamline user experience across various Google platforms.

If you’re an Android user, your phone’s software could be looking different now. Or, you could be waiting for Google’s next major mobile software update—Android Lollipop (Android L)—to see the difference. With Android L, Google is introducing some aesthetic tweaks as part of its Material Design, a departure from Google’s previous guidelines. But Material Design is not only for Android. The new look will be seen across Chrome OS and Google’s web properties. Google intends to make updates to all its apps to reflect this change.

With Material Design, Google is trying to make more effective use of available space to offer a consistent experience to users whether on smartphones, tablets, or desktops. So, let’s dig a little deeper into Google’s new design language. (more…)

The Ruby on Rails version 4.1 was released back in April, 2014. This was a minor version-bump from the Rails 4.0 which was released in June, 2013. Even though this was just a minor release, it included some exciting features such as:

  • Spring Application Preloader
  • Action Mailer Previews
  • Action Pack Variants
  • secrets.yml
  • Active Record Enums


What is the best way to learn? Through play.

A foolproof way to engage the attention of children, and even adults, is by getting them interested in an engrossing game. Educators and learning professionals all over the world have been desperately seeking innovative ways to engage learners in the learning process. Gamification seems to be the answer.

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