The 21st century has been a playground for smartphones and smart devices. Ranging from super computers that shrunk to the size of a chocolate wrapper to smart devices that you can wear inside your T-shirt, the presence of smart devices has touched almost every aspect of our daily life. Companies and innovators are on a constant hunt to identify, conceptualize, fuel and build ideas that will turn out to be a revolutionary concept.  (more…)

Adobe Flash will no longer be working unblemished on Android and iOS devices, as it is being labelled a perishing technology. Even YouTube is working on the double to convert all their videos from FLV to MP4, which is one of the formats supported by HTML5. If you own an Android phone using 4.1 Jelly Bean, you might have noticed that Adobe no longer supports Flash Player. If Flash Player is already installed in your device and you upgrade it to 4.1, the company recommends uninstalling Flash, as it is not certified and could exhibit unpredictable behavior. Despite this, some popular video providers still prefer to use Flash and have not transitioned to HTML5. In spite of Adobe’s warnings, you could still insist on having Flash on your phone, and there are workarounds to achieve it. But the experience can be a thumbs down. (more…)

Are you a die-hard gamer who loves the thrill of an advanced 3 dimensional gaming experience? Then, certainly there  is good news for you! The cloud-based game service provider, Valve, has made its translation layer open source. Gamers can now use their Linux-based machines to run games with extreme graphics that use Direct 3D engines. This bridging will be performed by using the translation layer provided by Valve, which converts Direct 3D entities to OpenGL entities. (more…)

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