If you thought card games and work could never coexist, then think again!

With more and more companies migrating towards Agile methodology, people are acquiring new and innovative ways to incorporate fun into daily work, but at the same time improve efficiency and productivity. Planning Poker in one such technique that combines effective project estimation with the fun of a card game. (more…)

If you are an eCommerce merchant who spends a lot of money on advertising and is still not seeing expected sales, it’s time to set aside time for eCommerce UX.

Usually, people think UX or user experience has only to do with usability and design. This is actually not true. Studies have proved that UX can heavily impact business sales. In fact, UX is said to beat advertising to it—always! (more…)

One of the huge bottlenecks associated with distributed systems is ensuring the configuration information (database connection details, cache settings, etc.) reaches safely and consistently across all machines in a system. It is in such scenarios that etcd could fit in. etcd from CoreOS is a highly-available key-value store for shared configuration and service discovery.

etcd is inspired from its predecessors Apache ZooKeeper and Doozer. etcd uses Raft consensus algorithm instead of Paxos used in Doozer. (more…)

No doubt videos are more engaging than static content. With millions of Internet users viewing online videos daily, videos have become one of the most popular form of content marketing. So, which is the best online video streaming service that you could use?

I am sure many of us have been posed with this question either by clients or colleagues or friends who wanted to upload and share videos online. To answer it precisely, we always need to understand the exact requirement and the purpose that needs to be served.  While in some cases cost may be the deciding factor, sometimes the extend of customization possible can rule the choice of service. (more…)

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