If you are a web developer and looking for the best way to depict your project data on your website, the simplest way to implement it is using JavaScript. Those experienced in JavaScript will sure agree with me that some of its libraries can achieve wonderful results.


In this post, I am going to explain a simple JavaScript library that can help you create charts and diagrams to make your website more interactive.


Imagine a case where you have 10000 random points in a two-dimensional space, and you need to write a program that detects points in a given rectangular area.


Let’s visualize this for a better understanding of the problem.


With the recent arrival of various search servers and analytics engines, the process to store, search and analyze huge volumes of data in real time has become easier. Elasticsearch is one such search and analytics engine. It is a highly scalable, open-source full-text search and analytics engine suitable for applications that require complex search features. (more…)


MySQL vs MongoDB: A comparison on relational and non-relational databases


When we talk about databases, the name MongoDB might be unfamiliar at least to some of us. MongoDB is a relatively new player when compared to other established databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.


MySQL is the most popular database in the world because of its speed, robustness, and ease of use. MongoDB, although not as popular as MySQL, is gaining traction due to its performance. It also supports a flexible data model that delivers ease in building apps in an agile way, where the schema may not be known upfront. (more…)

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