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MongoDB Index Performance: With Simple Index

When it comes to data retrieval, efficiency is measured in terms of time taken to return a value for a certain query. Consider a scenario where your application has to filter products from a very large product catalog of more than 70,000 items. Your application requirement favors quicker data reads over writes. General database structure won’t be good enough to handle this. That is where indexing comes in. (more…)

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Real-time applications on ReactJS

Real-Time Application on ReactJS

A recent project that we worked on had very stringent requirements on the user experience and usability aspects of the web application. The application had to be designed as a real-time data-driven one, as it had to reflect the updates from the back-end system, close to real time. We decided to use ReactJS to create the UI. Here is what we learned along the way.


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Aggregration Pipeline

Aggregation Pipeline: Understanding MongoDB Part 1

MongoDB is becoming more and more popular among developers due to its key attractions, which are agility and scalability. Today, we have most applications being developed in an agile environment, where changes tend to come in every sprint. MongoDB adapts well to such changes and the icing on the cake is its scalability.

Some of the MongoDB features that attracted my attention were Aggregation, Replication, and Sharding. Before we look at these in some detail, let’s refresh ourselves with some MongoDB concepts. (more…)

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