Get Serious With Infographics

An idea or information represented in visual form is an infographic. It may contain graphics, images, charts (pie, bar, column, etc.), graphs, Venn diagrams or familiar icons. An ideal infographic may scroll to at least two web pages in length. Recently, the use of infographics in the Internet has significantly increased. Research companies like Forrester release data as infographics. The best internet companies like Webs, Volusion use infographics either to communicate company information or to explain their products.

This sample infographic explains activities on the internet in 60 seconds.

The Secret Behind Infographics

Pictures convey more than words: Infographics is the applied engineering of the old Chinese adage ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ A picture can convey more than words. Our human mind is capable of absorbing more from images rather than from words.

Information is made interesting: By a mix of data and images, and attractive colors, complex information is broken down and easily conveyed in infographics. Business milestones, company revenue information are boring reading stuff unless the reader is interested. Here is a company that has used infographics and made it interesting for its readers.

Can be quickly read: One infographic is equivalent to an article of at least 1000 words. Our human brain takes less time to go through an infographic than it takes to read 1000 words. The various histograms and graphics in the infographic provides an overview of the entire information almost immediately.

Infographics Helps Businesses
Improves the company website’s SEO ranking: Back links are close friends of search engine bots. When infographics get shared on the Internet. they generate back links to the parent website. The title can also be used as a target keyword. Another method is to educate the target audience on industry trends and best practices using infographics to make clients/customers keep coming back to the website often. This can be done in the company blog.

Company activities will reach clients/customers: Unless the business is among the top players in the market, we cannot expect clients / customers to eagerly look for the developments in the company. Latest developments in the company, when communicated as Infographics will reach many.

Improvised marketing strategy: Email communication becomes more effective with infographics. This is a good method to bring in more leads. An attractive infographic can allure more business prospects than a dull one with only words.

Expertise Is Required
Just like infographics can deliver more, infographics demands more dedication and hard work for its creation. There are many automated tools available on the Internet. However, we need a designer’s touch to make the infographic a hit. Infographics can be a mess if careful attention is not given to details. A bad infographic will not only devalue the information but also spoil the reputation of the company producing it.

1. Color scheme and layouts are the backbone of any design. A designer geek alone can choose the right color combination for the content of the infographic.
2. Typography may not be important in articles but they certainly play a vital role in infographics. There must be different typography for different sub-titles and all of them need to be catchy. Too much of variety could reduce the professionalism in the infographic. Only a web expert will be able to strike a balance between variety and professionalism.
3. Right words must be used. Words used in infographics are few. Conveying information in few words is complicated. Even the title must be crisp and to the point. Unless a content specialist works with the designer, producing an effective infographic will be difficult.

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