Apple had an ace up its sleeve and now they call it iOS 6

It’s happening, iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad is about to release this Fall. At Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced iOS 6 that’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with over 200 features. Unfortunately, it’s not available for the first generation iPhone and iPad. Apple kick-started WWDC with a joke by Siri. How great would it have been? For all we know, many who bought iPhone 4S for the intelligent assistant, Siri was greatly disappointed by its actual performance. Or maybe, that’s the new Siri from iOS 6? Let’s see, and those other features that caught our eyes.

Siri gets a whole new makeover in iOS 6, not to mention Siri is coming to iPad. With Siri you can now check sports schedules and scores, movie schedules, restaurants to eat and lots more. Let’s list them all down:Iphone

  • Siri can now check sports schedules, scores, player stats and more.

  • Siri join hands with RottenTomatoes to check movie schedules and views.

  • Siri can now open apps.

  • With Yelp, Siri helps to find restaurants, check reviews and book reservations.

  • Siri can now tweet and update your Facebook status.

  • Siri is working closely with car manufacturers to integrate hands-free voice control system.

Maps: Up until now, masterchef Google has been cooking the maps for Apple. All of that is going to change with iOS 6. Apple here tries a whole new recipe with lots of new ingredients.


  • In a bowl mix TomTom mapping and real-time traffic data for turn by turn navigation.

  • Add vector-based engine to the bowl and mix well for crisp and responsive image and text.

  • Now, add in the 3D Flyover view. Once cooked, this gives a gorgeous 3D view of landmarks around.

  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly with real-time traffic conditions to calculate expected time of arrivals.

    Ios 6 maps

  • Add a  pinch of local search to taste; Apple recommends Yelp.

  • Pour this mixture in a developer tool and bake till done.

  • When the map is baked remove it from the oven and pour the glaze Siri on it.

  • Apple map is ready.

Facebook: Like how Twitter was integrated to iOS 5, a system level integration of Facebook comes with iOS 6. Everything you can do with twitter right now can be done with Facebook in iOS 6.

  • You can share photos right from your camera apps or your photo albums.

  • You can share your location straight from the map.

  • Share your high scores directly from game center.

  • Siri can now help you with all your Facebook sharing.


  • Contacts are synced deeper with Facebook profile information.

  • Calendar gets updated automatically with Facebook events

Shared Photo Streams: iOS 6 adds in few new features to the Photos app making it much more than just a gallery. You can now share photos or albums directly from the Photos app. Photos can either be shared on Facebook and Twitter or to your contacts through phone or email. Your friends can access, comment and like these shared content on any Apple device including Apple TV or via a web interface on iCloud. Apple also promises these photo uploads do not count against user’s iCloud storage.

ios 6

passbookPassbook is a whole new app coming out with iOS 6. An organizer for your electronic gift cards, loyalty cards, coupons, movie/sport tickets, boarding passes etc. Passbook also notifies users when they reach a location connected to these cards. That’s pretty cool, but we will have to wait and see the number of  partners that Apple can sign up for Passbook to predict its success.

Facetime: The new iPad and iPhone users don’t love Facetime as much to run around to find a wifi spot to actually use them. iOS 6 will solve this problem  by enabling Facetime calls over cellular network. iPad users will now be able to make and receive Facetime calls using their Apple ID or phone number.

ios 6Phone: This one is for those who still use iPhone for making calls. Insane right? Apple is adding a couple of new features to the phone app! When users decline a call, they get an option to send a quick message or set a reminder to call back later. There is also a ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings to turn off incoming calls, alerts, and notification. Exceptions can also be added to VIP list on DND.

Mail in iOS 6 gets only minor changes – a VIP list to browse emails quickly, pull down to refresh and a built-in feature to add attachments.

Safari gets a facelift with iCloud tracking the pages you browse. This lets users quit browsing on one device and continue from where they left off on another device.

Accessibility feature helps people with disabilities experience everything in an iPhone or iPad. With guided access, you can disable the home button, touch access, motion control or even the controls and navigations within an app. This helps users with disability to remain on the task without being forced out of it by mistake.

ios6Siri said and I quote, “ I’m excited about the new Samsung. Not the phone: the refrigerator”. I guess now, we get the Siri joke. Mobility market recently witnessed some great moves with Microsoft launching Surface, Samsung with the new Galaxy S3 and HTC with their one X. But we all knew Apple had an ace up its sleeve and now they call it iOS 6. Other than the above-mentioned, iOS 6 has a lot more to offers. Come back and check for more updates or keep in touch on Facebook/Twitter.

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