Five iPhone/Android Games You Shouldn’t Miss

When you try to convince yourself that you bought your smartphone for academic or professional purpose, check out the games and entertainment apps that you have against productivity apps on your device. No one is blaming you for this! From Action to Puzzles, app stores these days have millions of games making sure that you will never run out of options. But the part that worries most users is finding the best games, especially for paid apps. No one would want to buy a game and realize it’s just ‘Temple Run’ with characters and background changed. This piece of information comes up with the top 5 games from a vast number of games we tested ourselves.

The Act

The ActThe Act is a 2D hand-drawn comic art style witty and funny puzzle game from  React Entertainment. The game involves players to play the humble window cleaner – Edgar. Being Edgar, you join his unique adventures, from trying to win the girl of his dreams to rescuing his cute mentally retarded brother. You can swipe left or right on the screen to control Edgar’s emotions – swiping left on the screen makes Edgar back off from the situation, often inviting the other character he’s interacting with to step forward.  Swiping right encourages Edgar to be bold, a move you have to be careful about as you might frighten the other party away. As the title of the game suggests, life is like a play, and a very dramatic one at that. You just have to act.


Bad Piggies

Bad PiggiesWhen Rovio released angry birds in December 2009, it took the mobile gaming world by storm. As the endless sale of Angry Birds and its related merchandise continues, Rovio needs something else to keep the success going forward. And Bad Piggies seems to be their answer to that. The green pigs who played the negative role in Angry Birds lead the game this time. The mechanism of the game is completely different – the players need to assemble different vehicles or aircrafts using the parts given in the game and carry the bad piggies from point A to point B. With over 60 levels and free updates you can enjoy unlimited Happy Hours of the Pig collisions, explosions and flying!


Flight Control

Flight ConrolAir Traffic control is considered one of the most stressful jobs around, but not for you. With Flight control you just have to touch and direct the planes to their runway. Sounds easy? It’s not! You’ll need nerves of steel and some smart strategy to keep the chaos under control. The real challenge is to control the increasingly busy airport avoiding collisions. There are different airfields set from beachsides to greenfields that you can select to play with. You get promoted based on the number of planes you can manage to land in a single game. The game also provides a multiplayer feature where you can share the landing task with your friends.

Cut The Rope

Cut the ropeIn October, the game exceeded one million in sales. And 12 days later, the paid downloads exceeded 3 million copies (not the total sales volume of Angry Birds though). Cut the Rope showed strong potential. Cut the Rope is a very interesting puzzle game where players need to cut the rope and let the candy fall into the monster’s mouth. The difficulty lies in collecting the variety of stars as you feed the monster. The game experience will definitely be very addictive, especially the screen fluency and performance can make you wanna play more. There is also an Android and PC version of the game available for free download.

Tiny Wings

Tiny WingsThe game revolves around the dream of a small bird to fly higher and farther. However, it’s not easy for him to fly as he has very small wings. So the bird came up with a method – it slides down the hills and flies up them. Players need to help the birdie take advantage of the hilly slopes and wind power to fly higher and farther. The variety of color 2D screen, with the bird flying over different continents keeps the game interesting. When night gradually catches up with the pace of the bird, the sky slowly becomes dark and the sun goes down. The bird will stop flying at night and so it is important to keep on flying before it gets dark. The game’s soft piano style soundtrack makes the game lively. The game has 27 different achievements and supports both GameCenter and OpenFeint.


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