Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of the Thinking Machine

How often do you stumble on a new word while reading? If you are like me, you wouldn’t look it up in a dictionary. You will carry on reading as your mind intuitively figures out the meaning. We have to hand it to our brains. Over the course of millennia, the human brain has become adept at many things, including language and object recognition. So even if we don’t know exactly what we are looking at, our brains fill in the gaps by providing a rough interpretation.

What if we could create intelligent machines that could do the same—learn by associating things, just like the human brain? It is a question that has puzzled and driven curious minds for generations. This post takes a look at the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)the making of the thinking machine.


The Dawn of Realities in Business

It was in the 1990s that I was introduced to the idea of virtual reality. The three-dimensional simulated world inhabited by the sci-fi hero Jonny Quest was too amazing a concept for my then 10-year-old self. I used to wonder when I would be able to witness one in real life. The emerging world of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities does look like my childhood dream is coming true.


Gamification 101

Gamification is a term that has been tossed around to describe scenarios where game elements placed in tasks engage users and make things less boring. Well, there’s more to it than that. Gamification is often mistaken for game simulations. Game simulations are game-like applications that are built not for entertainment but for learning certain real-world skills. Flight simulators (to learn how to fly) and racing simulators (that racing drivers use to learn the layout of tracks) are some examples. Even though these platforms involve games, these should not be confused with gamification. (more…)

UX Design

A Career in UX Design

“What does a UX designer do?”

Many UX designers have faced this question at least once in their career. People often talk about the “poor UX” or “great user experience” of a website or an application. But not many are aware that those experiences are the work of dedicated professionals called UX designers.

Let’s dig a little deeper…


Living the Automated Life in Your Home [Infographic]

The Internet of Things is about all things around us connected and communicating to make our lives simpler and efficient. You can control your home using your mobile phone even from the other end of the world. This infographic depicts some of the cool things that happen in a smart home.

Why Is It Still Difficult to Popularize Mutual Funds?

But why? Can somebody please explain to me” – CEO
We had the best funds in the market, more than three-fourths of our funds were performing better than benchmark indices” – GM Product
Our sales strategy was perfect; we had mobilized all distributor channels” – VP Sales
Absolutely. We spent a great deal on advertising – television, print media and overhead advertising” – GM Marketing
Then…how could this happen? Why is our market share dropping YoY? Would any of you care to explain?” – CEO


Connecting Web Applications with ASP.NET WebHooks

The SaaS model and the need for interaction between different web applications have made webhooks very popular. With the release of ASP.NET WebHooks, developing webhooks has become a step easier for ASP.NET developers.

There are many instances where we can use webhooks. Imagine a scenario where you want your version control application (such as GitHub) to automatically trigger your build and deploy system as a new code commit occurs. In addition to that, you may also want to send messages across to your team through Slack. With the help of webhooks, you can integrate all the three—version control, build and deploy, and messaging applications.


Enhancing Patient-Clinician Communication—Mobility Magic

Real-Time Is Not A Luxury Anymore.

Let’s imagine two entirely different scenarios:

Scenario 1: You are a physician traveling to attend a conference or on vacation. A patient is nearing his mandated checkup. Since the situation might not be as urgent as to warrant a referral to another physician, it is best that you advise him on next steps until you meet him in person. So what do you do? Log in to the digital solution, find latest test results uploaded by the lab, and advise via chat.

Scenario 2: You are traveling. There is a situation requiring urgent medical attention and you want your physician’s advice before attempting anything else. You log in to your provider’s mobile application and reach out to the doctor, who immediately accesses your medical history and test reports, to send you his advice on treatment methods.

Welcome to new-age healthcare powered by digital.


Getting Agile Ceremonies and Artifacts Right

Agile ceremonies and artifacts can be very hard to standardize. The very nature of agile gives its users the ability to inspect and adapt. This is true even in the case of the various ceremonies and artifacts. Things that are considered essential by one team may not even be required by another. Here’s my take on the topic, based on what I’ve learned from working in an agile team. The article focuses on some key agile ceremonies and artifacts and how to get them right.


7 Ways a Comprehensive Inspection and Compliance Solution Can Enhance Profitability

Many field technicians struggle with inefficient ways of tackling inspection and compliance management tasks. Managers and supervisors do not enjoy the desired visibility into the status of assets or the corrective action required. Such situations are common in industries where inspection and compliance management are still done using paper-based or email forms. Needless to say that this results in inefficiency, lack of clarity, and wastage of resources.

This blog evaluates how a mobile-based, dynamic inspection and compliance solution can enable industries to enhance profitability.