Create Instant Loading Mobile Websites with AMP

Today, people consume tremendous amount of information on their smartphones. However,
loading websites on our mobile devices is a slow and frustrating experience for many of us. What if there was an option to optimize website content to suit the mobile web? Articles, sites, and blogs would be loaded instantly! (more…)

Oracle MAF for Cross-Platform App Development

We live in a time where our lives revolve around a smartphone. No wonder, most vendors–– both public and private––focus their services on mobile apps rather than the web. And a major trend that is catching up in the mobile application market is hybrid application development. Oracle has raised the stakes with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), a hybrid mobile architecture.


Sailing Through the App Store Review

There has been a revolutionary growth in iOS applications since Apple opened its stores to developers eight years ago. Over 1.5 million apps are available on Apple’s App Store as of today. Even though Android apps outnumber iOS apps, I think the latter have an edge in terms of quality because of the rigorous review process they go through before being accepted. Apple rejects junk apps outright and approves only those that conform to its high standards.


Why Do Healthcare Apps Fail?

Healthcare apps are often perceived as point-of-care solutions to extend care beyond clinical settings. Suppose you experience fire-in-your-chest kind of heartburn in the middle of the night and there’s no one to take you to the nearest clinic. It’s when your mHealth app could come to your rescue. You can easily fix up a video conference with a doctor who may be miles away from you, or you can doctor the discomfort yourself.


Migrating from Parse: Moving Apps from to Hosted Node Server

In this mobile first world, it’s BaaS (Backend as a Service) that fuels fast-paced development and deployment. Whether it is for prototyping or building a production-ready mobile application, BaaS lets you configure and set up your backend APIs and other services, like push notifications, periodic jobs, REST APIs for CRUD operations and many more, in a matter of a few hours.

Parse was one of the popular choice in this segment. With its wide set of libraries, mobile SDKs, and a lot of other options, Parse had become one of the most preferred BaaS service for mobile apps in the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, with Parse to be fully retired on Jan 28, 2017, we have to think of migrating the apps hosted on with the least possible rewrites.