Routing and Load Balancing Using HAProxy

As the microservice buzzword catches up, I believe sooner or later you might think of trying microservices. In this blog post, I shall cover some of the common problems related to routing and load balancing and how to get around them using HAProxy.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of the Thinking Machine

How often do you stumble on a new word while reading? If you are like me, you wouldn’t look it up in a dictionary. You will carry on reading as your mind intuitively figures out the meaning. We have to hand it to our brains. Over the course of millennia, the human brain has become adept at many things, including language and object recognition. So even if we don’t know exactly what we are looking at, our brains fill in the gaps by providing a rough interpretation.

What if we could create intelligent machines that could do the same—learn by associating things, just like the human brain? It is a question that has puzzled and driven curious minds for generations. This post takes a look at the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)the making of the thinking machine.


Action Cable in Rails 5

Action Cable in Rails 5 for a Simple Live Messaging App: A Beginner’s Tutorial

Rails developers like me are on a high with the release of Rails 5. Yes, DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails) has something really cool for us this time. One of the cool factors in Rails 5 is Action Cable, the framework that integrates WebSocket with Rails. Real-time features on Rails, such as live chat, notifications, interactive online games, and so on are all possible thanks to Action Cable.

Before we go into the tutorial on creating a real-time messaging app using Action Cable, let’s take a quick look at the server-side components of Rails 5.


The Dawn of Realities in Business

It was in the 1990s that I was introduced to the idea of virtual reality. The three-dimensional simulated world inhabited by the sci-fi hero Jonny Quest was too amazing a concept for my then 10-year-old self. I used to wonder when I would be able to witness one in real life. The emerging world of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities does look like my childhood dream is coming true.


Gamification 101

Gamification is a term that has been tossed around to describe scenarios where game elements placed in tasks engage users and make things less boring. Well, there’s more to it than that. Gamification is often mistaken for game simulations. Game simulations are game-like applications that are built not for entertainment but for learning certain real-world skills. Flight simulators (to learn how to fly) and racing simulators (that racing drivers use to learn the layout of tracks) are some examples. Even though these platforms involve games, these should not be confused with gamification. (more…)

Create Instant Loading Mobile Websites with AMP

Today, people consume tremendous amount of information on their smartphones. However,
loading websites on our mobile devices is a slow and frustrating experience for many of us. What if there was an option to optimize website content to suit the mobile web? Articles, sites, and blogs would be loaded instantly! (more…)

What Is Blockchain and Why Is It News?

Technology, the inveterate disruptor, is at it again. Granted, it’s always kicking up dust. But every now and then it coughs up something major, sending a shiver down the industry’s spine. So it is with blockchain, a distributed database.


Oracle MAF for Cross-Platform App Development

We live in a time where our lives revolve around a smartphone. No wonder, most vendors–– both public and private––focus their services on mobile apps rather than the web. And a major trend that is catching up in the mobile application market is hybrid application development. Oracle has raised the stakes with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), a hybrid mobile architecture.


Connecting Devices Using AWS IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) was merely a concept many years ago, but now every major cloud provider has an IoT implementation. Amazon, the largest cloud provider, introduced Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT in 2015. AWS IoT enables highly secure data transfer between connected devices and the AWS cloud. We can use the AWS IoT platform to collect data from multiple devices, save, analyze, and create applications to control the devices.


10 Useful Chrome Extensions For Salesforce

As a Salesforce developer, I’ve a bit of a soft spot for Google Chrome. Why Chrome when there are so many browsers? Well, Chrome makes my life as a Salesforce developer a bit easier. Chrome extensions for Salesforce actually save on time, improve productivity, and speed up delivery. (more…)