Digital Technologies for 2018

Five Digital Technologies for Your Enterprise in 2018

The precipitous rise in digital data and the subsequent growth of automated machine intelligence has engendered the latest digital business transformation. As we enter 2018, enterprises find themselves at different ends of the transformation spectrum. While some have become pathfinders, more staid enterprises are still waiting at the threshold.

Many are plagued by questions such as, What digital technologies to embrace in 2018 and how to tap them effectively?

I reached out to some of our senior architects and engineers and what follows is their take on what enterprises will need in their arsenal in the new year. (more…)

SAFe Framework


Years ago when I joined, QBurst was a start-up with just 100 employees. Being fast-paced in technology adoption and service delivery, we adopted agile methodology early on—specifically Scrum. Now, as the company has grown to over a thousand people, we are in need of scaling agile. And that is what brings me to Scaled Agile Framework, aka SAFe! (more…)

Deploying Microservices on AWS with Infrastructure as Code

One of the major IT trends in recent years has been the increase in automation and a simultaneous decrease in the need for manual intervention. Another big hit is ‘microservices’.

Recently, my team came up with the idea of utilizing these key technological developments to build a flawless infrastructure that can be continuously improved and monitored with minimal manual effort.

While numerous IT groups are still dependant on manual steps, custom scripts and obsolete tools, the DevOps team at QBurst took to automating infrastructure management. With this, we were able to oversee the infrastructure, reduce errors, and perform seamless deployments and monitoring.

In this blog, I would like to introduce the concept of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using the example of deploying a microservice to Amazon ECS. (more…)

Why Migrate to HTTPS and How?

Did you know that the media giants WIRED and the Guardian switched to HTTPS last year? As challenging and time-consuming the process might have been, these media houses kept at it and finally moved to the more secure version of the web protocol.

While priorities driving this change tend to vary from business to business, there are some common compelling reasons to migrate to HTTPS.  (more…)

Configuring Oracle Fusion HCM Approval Workflows––Benefits and Best Practices

Configuring Oracle Fusion HCM Approval Workflows—Benefits and Best Practices

“Work smarter, not harder” is the idea contained in Oracle Fusion HCM approval workflows. By simplifying the complex processes involved in approval management, the HCM approval workflows reduce the administrative burden on Human Resource executives/managers, boosting overall HR productivity and efficiency. 

As organizations vary, so do approval processes. To fully realize the goal of a smart HR, workflows need to be configured to custom requirements. This post covers some of the benefits and best practices in configuring Oracle Fusion HCM approval workflows that I’ve compiled from my experience.


Setting up AMP for your WP blog

WP Blogs to AMP: What You Need to Know

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are still the rage, more than a year after the project was launched. As a business owner conversant with the latest digital marketing trends, I am sure you have given AMP a thought at least once during this period. If you own a blog or a news website, definitely so.

For bloggers and publishers on the WordPress platform, AMP conversion is supposedly simple. As with everything else on WordPress, there are plugins to convert WP blogs to AMP. Free ones too!

Download. Install. Activate. Is that it? (more…)

IoT Testers

IoT Testers: Are You Up for the Challenge?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly but steadily changing the world. We are on the verge of another technological revolution, one in which testers have their role cut out for them. According to Gartner, security is one of the top 10 IoT technology areas that will be in focus in 2017 and 2018. As new products emerge, more specialized IoT testers will be required to ship secure, high-quality products.

Progressive Web App

Create Your First Ever Offline-First Progressive Web App

Why do businesses prefer to have native apps even though they have fully responsive websites? Native apps load faster, give full-screen experience, have offline capabilities, support push notifications, and significantly add to user convenience. What if your mobile website had all of these benefits? That’s what a Progressive Web App is all about—the rich experience of an app and the full functionality of a website.

Angular 2 for Fast Loading Apps

Make Your Apps Load Faster with Angular 2

Is the loading speed of your web application extremely important?

Is your web application’s loading time affecting sales?

Is your web application built on Angular 1?

If the answer to all the three questions is “yes,” then this blog post is for you. (more…)