How to use shell scripting in Adobe Campaign Classic V7

Shell Scripting in Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is one of the most robust marketing automation tools available today. From designing, building, testing, and automating your marketing campaigns, you can get a lot accomplished on a single platform. Think centralized access to up-to-date customer profiles, cross-channel marketing, mass mailing, ability to track each email, push notifications, and content customization, Adobe Campaign ticks every box.

While the simple drag-and-drop interface makes workflow creation quite easy, what interests me more as a developer is that I can make use of a JavaScript or a shell script when I’m dealing with a complex requirement.  

A guide to log monitoring using Elastic Stack

A Deep Dive into Log Monitoring Using Elastic Stack

It is very hard to monitor logs of large environments using manual log monitoring. In such situations, we need to use centralized and near real-time log monitoring systems. This will help in detecting and resolving anomalies as soon as they occur. Among log monitoring tools, Elastic Stack is the most popular one. As an open-source solution, Elastic Stack provides some basic features. Premium features such as enhanced security, authentication mechanism, alerting, reporting, and machine learning come with Elastic Stack Features (formerly X-Pack) license. 

The Right Time for Businesses to Start Digital Marketing

The Right Time for Businesses to Plan Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is such a powerful means to connect with and influence potential customers that businesses can ignore it only at their own peril. But when is the right time to start planning your digital marketing activities? 

Right when you start planning your business! 

Really? What could go wrong if digital marketing is not considered at the outset?

AMP for Gmail: What's in it for you?

AMP for Gmail: What’s in It for You?

The dust is yet to settle on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project launched a few years ago, but here is something fresh to mull over: Google’s AMP for Gmail project. Anything from Google is reason enough to sit up and take notice, the tech giant being the chief purveyor of our Internet experience.


Being Agile on a Fixed Cost and Timeline: 6 Key Learnings

Being Agile on a Fixed Cost and Timeline: 6 Key Learnings

In part 1 of the two-part series on Being Agile on a Fixed Cost and Timeline, I had discussed a case study based on our experience in executing an agile fixed cost project for a large US-based company. Needless to say, it was a complex project, thanks to its magnitude, the constraints on the timeline and budget, and the strict quality requirements. We had our share of learning during its execution as we found the best ways to move forward. In this follow-up post, I’ve distilled six key learnings, which, hopefully, you would find helpful while executing agile projects that have triple constraints on the scope, cost, and timeline. (more…)

Transfer Reports from Oracle NetSuite to SFTP Server in 6 Easy Steps

Transfer Reports from Oracle NetSuite to SFTP Server in 6 Easy Steps

Oracle NetSuite, the popular all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, offers valuable insights into business processes by means of various reports. Many clients prefer to transfer these reports to an SFTP server and through the SFTP middleware to other enterprise systems such as SAP and Salesforce. While direct transfer from Oracle NetSuite to the different systems is not impossible, it is complex and requires time-consuming logic.

SFTP makes this job of transferring files from Oracle NetSuite particularly easy because the transfer can be automated. This is done through coding by utilizing the features of SuiteScript 2.0 SFTP Module. This would require login credentials and port number of the SFTP server.


Being agile for a fixed cost and time line, a case study

Being Agile on a Fixed Cost and Timeline: A Case Study

Have you ever been asked to deliver a project using Agile principles (Scrum or Kanban) for a fixed cost? If not, I’m sure it is going to be a frequent ask in the future. Product managers all over the world are striving to finish projects on a fixed budget and timeline so they can launch their products early in the market. At the same time, they are looking for Agile delivery as it makes the project more transparent. (more…)

3 Common Error in Google Analytics When Using Tag Manager

3 Common Errors in Google Analytics When Using Tag Manager

If you are a digital marketing analyst, you would be dipping into your toolbox for these two tools every day: Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM). These are great tools to have because they let you measure how your online business is performing. But at times, when you think you’ve got everything right, a GA tag does not do the trick like it is supposed to. Wait, don’t throw up your hands! It could be just a silly mistake you made during implementation. Read on to find out about the 3 common errors in Google Analytics when using Tag Manager and how you can fix them.

What Every Developer Needs to Know About GDPR Compliance

When was the last time you went through a privacy policy update? When everyone, including the likes of Google and Twitter, starts sending you updates, it’s worth having a look. Because, we have a new rule in place, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. It is going to affect the way we think about a project and the way we code!