WebAssembly: The Future of Web Is Here!

WebAssembly—The Future of Web Is Here!

Non-stop advancements in web technologies have reshaped web applications in amazing ways. From simple frames with images, links, and decorated text, web apps have evolved into complex computer programs with client and server code. Modern web apps are powered by rich client-side processing and for this, there is one ubiquitous tool (JavaScript), which also gets pushed into places where it is not the right tool for the job. That developers are in a love-hate relationship with JavaScript is indeed true!

To give credit where credit is due, JavaScript has matured a lot over the years. Advanced optimization and compilation techniques have led to fast web experiences. Yet, browsers that run on JavaScript fall short of delivering the near-native performance and rich experience demanded by video games, computer-aided designs, and scientific visualization.  

Which is why WebAssembly, the new open standard, is such great news.