Setting up AMP for your WP blog

WP Blogs to AMP: What You Need to Know

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are still the rage, more than a year after the project was launched. As a business owner conversant with the latest digital marketing trends, I am sure you have given AMP a thought at least once during this period. If you own a blog or a news website, definitely so.

For bloggers and publishers on the WordPress platform, AMP conversion is supposedly simple. As with everything else on WordPress, there are plugins to convert WP blogs to AMP. Free ones too!

Download. Install. Activate. Is that it? (more…)

The Art of Googling!

For most of us finding information on the Internet is synonymous with going to, typing in a word or phrase and clicking search. In fact Google does account for a major share of the search engine market and with good reason too. Check this out if you are still in doubt.

Thus despite new players coming up, Google still remains the leader in information search on the web. That is exactly why it makes sense to understand and develop efficient googling techniques. Mentioned below are few tips which, when practiced while searching the web using Google, will save time and improve search results. (more…)