OCR: Extracting Printed Text from Scanned Documents - Part 1

OCR: Extracting Printed Text from Scanned Documents

One of our clients in the banking sector recently came up with a request (or challenge, rather). 

While it is true that digitalization has brought a world of difference to banking, we are still nowhere near paperless banking. Regulations require banks to collect different types of documents from customers at the time of onboarding and for various other services. 

On an average, a single branch has to process at least hundreds of these documents on a daily basis. Automating this workflow would save the bank plenty of time and labor. The client wanted to build an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution that could be seamlessly integrated into the existing banking software. 


Sailing Through the App Store Review

There has been a revolutionary growth in iOS applications since Apple opened its stores to developers eight years ago. Over 1.5 million apps are available on Apple’s App Store as of today. Even though Android apps outnumber iOS apps, I think the latter have an edge in terms of quality because of the rigorous review process they go through before being accepted. Apple rejects junk apps outright and approves only those that conform to its high standards.